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Here you will find some of our most frequently asked questions and answers.

As a 4th generation Acid-free and Acid-Free and Non-Toxic Non-Toxic Lacquers are the first in the world to be registered as Nail Cosmetics, achieving top quality products!

GellyFit eliminates all the disadvantages of ordinary semi-permanent varnishes

They do NOT destroy the natural nail. They are easily applied without running, they have perfect rich colour coverage

They don't crease, they don't turn yellow, they don't fade, they don't lift

They have elasticity and do not create a sense of weight and thickness

Easily removed (soak off)

Not tested on animals

1. You will surely be surprised! With proper use, with a bottle of GellyFit semi-permanent varnish, you can finish up to twice as many semi-permanent manicures as you would with a one-ml common semi-permanent varnish. 2. GellyFit semi-permanent varnish does not freeze, so you can use up to the last drop of its bottle 3.There is no need to apply a thick layer of cover, since it is gently spread on a thin layer. This will save a certain amount of material 4. For a complete, proper client application, use about 0.15g-0.2g by passing the semi-permanent colour 2 times

1. Clean the nail area properly and remove any nails from the natural nail plate.

2. Lightly file the natural nail by removing the sheen and give it the desired shape.

3. Remove dust residues and apply GellyFit Bonder (see Bonder application)

4. Apply GellyFit Base Gel and polymerize for 1 '/ LED or 2' / UV lamp. (see Base Gel application)

5. Apply a coat of GellyFit semi-permanent varnish and polymerize for 30 '' / LED lamp or 60 '' / UV lamp. Apply a second coat if necessary and polymerize in the same way (see GellyFit semi-permanent varnish application)

6. Finally apply GellyFit's Top Gel and polymerize for 1 '/ LED or 2' / UV lamp. (see Top Gel application, non wipe)

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